When it comes to running any type of business, waste of any type is the antithesis of smart practices. When this waste is in relation to the cost of operations, it is extra sensitive. Every type of business is going to have some overhead costs, but this can quickly run out of control and start to devastate your cash flow if you are not careful. Here are four steps you can take to help manage that overhead.


Internal communications can drain a company’s profitability quickly. The amount of time spent on emails and meetings wastes a lot of money. One powerful way to reduce costs is to organize the way that your people communicate. Strategize ways to save time on communication and to make the channels of communication more effective.


A good rule of thumb for saving on overhead is that if you can outsource something, you should. Your biggest investment as a company are your people and hiring someone for a position is a long term investment. If there is a project that you can hire a freelancer to do, you should definitely use them. Keep your employment costs down until you are up and running and ready to bring fully committed people on board.

Time Tracking

Tracking how you spend your time is extremely important. Automatic time trackers can help you do this and will reveal many insights into how you and your employees are spending the most time. This information is invaluable when it comes to managing overhead.


Automation is a simple solution for any business that needs to be more cost efficient. If a task is easily replicable, repetitive, and low value, hand it over to a machine. You need your employees to focus on other aspects of the company and not waste time on these menial tasks.