You’d hire a personal trainer to help get your body in shape – why not hire a Professional EOS Implementer to do the same for your business?

EOS can help your business get in shape and stay in shape.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you spend a lot of time working on the day to day activities of your business. Whether your business is family owned or started by a few colleagues with a shared vision, after a few years, your dreams of “making it big” could be replaced with “just getting by” or “doing OK, but too busy to plan for the future.” If you can’t find the time to plan for next week, let alone the next 3-5 years, your business might need a fitness overhaul. Just like contemplating joining a gym, knowing that regular exercise is good for you doesn’t automatically mean that you have the knowledge and skill set to get in shape.

Like most of us, you could probably use a little help. Many times, a personal trainer or fitness expert, can help us find both a schedule and a set of exercises that will not only see us through the short term of getting into good habits, but create a longer term framework for incorporating fitness into the rest of our lives. So how can we take that same concept and incorporate it into a business? Enter EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, designed specifically for entrepreneurs like you.

Mike Wolfgang, Professional EOS Implementer and Owner of M1 Core Traction, shares 8 tips for how EOS can help your business get in shape and stay in shape.

  1. Make a plan and stick with it. Creating a plan is easy, getting to the mindset of change is hard. Once you have a routine, whether it’s which machines to use, how heavy to go on the weights or the best structure for your weekly management meetings, you can concentrate on moving forward versus reinventing the wheel for every weekly agenda.
  2. Create a dedicated time and space. Regular exercise works the same for your body as it does for your business. You need help getting away from the day to day so you can focus on your long-term strategy and goals, not just the day to day operations. With the right plan, you can work on the health of your body and your business.
  3. Fish don’t see water – Get an outside perspective. Whether it’s the hiking trail you haven’t noticed in 20 years because you drive past it every day or the operations system you’ve used so long, you’re not even aware of what it does, it can be easy to stop seeing or critically evaluating old processes even if they no longer fit today’s business.
  4. Ensure your people fit your long-term goals. Perhaps the fitness guru who advised you to do all high impact activities and eat a no carb diet was a better fit 10 years ago. A professional EOS implementer can help you take a dispassionate view of your resources including employees. You’ll have better tools to evaluate whether you have the right people to move your business to the next step.
  5. Identify industry changes. Chances are your industry is changing. M1 Core Traction can help with that. In order to stay profitable and relevant you need to plan for the long term. That means casting aside fad diets or quick fix seminars and concentrating on creating an actionable business process with a leadership team that’s all rowing in the same direction.
  6. Be honest about your business model. Your business may have outgrown the family or small business model. You wouldn’t do circuit training with one machine or only work one set of muscles, why would you rely solely on one person’s management perspective, or one department’s area of expertise?
  7. Establish realistic goals. Do you expect to increase your strength, improve your diet and lose 20 pounds in a week, or have you outlined procedures and put the correct processes in place to make business change happen?
  8. Learn and internalize the process. You’re not a client forever. Just like a personal trainer, your EOS Implementer will guide you and provide a host of tools that will ultimately enable you to run your own fitness sessions. EOS provides you with the tools to keep using the EOS model yourself for long term planning and execution.

Mike Wolfgang focuses on teaching other industry leaders how to get control of their businesses and at the same time enjoy a well-balanced life. Mike has a passion and energy for helping businesses get Real. Simple. Results with EOS.