Effective mission statements embraced by successful companies across the globe range from incredibly dull to wildly inspiring — but they all have something in common. Effective mission statements tell the world, which includes everyone from potential customers to employees, exactly what the company is there to do.

If you are just starting your business, you will have big hopes, dreams, and goals, and even longer to-do lists. You’re in the perfect place to write a mission statement that rocks. You know what contributions your business can make, what problems it can solve, and how you’re going to make it happen.

Mission statements are short; the longest ones rarely count more than 30 words, while some succinct but truly inspiring mission statements can say it in just two. In writing a mission statement, you’ve got to boil your company’s purpose down to its very core, in a tone that defines your work ethic and culture. As long as you are authentic, you’ll have a hard time going wrong.

How do you write an effective mission statement for your business? Simply put, you do it by asking yourself how your business can improve lives, and then boldly sharing that message with the world.