A business without a core set of values is not set up for success. Without a clear platform of your company values, all you essentially have is a bunch of moving parts that lack the heart to center and unite them toward your vision for the future.

What Defines Core Values

The core values of your business are the principles, beliefs, and philosophies that ultimately guide your organization toward the desired trajectory.

These values work from within to strengthen your company against the competition you’ll face.

This doesn’t necessarily boil down to coming up with a polished, theoretical outline of vague “do’s” and “don’t’s” that your employees are expected to abide by.

Your core values must be the DNA of your company, with you— the head of the company— leading with these values at the forefront of everything that you do. Your values must be honored with every business decision you make within and outside of your company. In doing this, you’ll build trust and integrity in the workplace, which will ultimately strengthen your business.

Core Values from Inside and Out

When the core values of your company are laid out and taken seriously by every person in your company— from top leadership to the entry-level intern— everyone feels a stronger sense of responsibility and stake in the future of your business.

This results in an environment of accountability, with each individual employee considering every decision they make with, “Does this align with and reflect our values?”

You may not realize this, but these core values will help everyone work harder toward reaching the goals you’ve set for your business, which drives it much further than if these values weren’t weaved in the company ethic.

The Bottom Line

Sure, many companies might have a lot of overlap when it comes to their values. However, not all are put in place with the intention of being considered, followed, or lead with.

You can differentiate your company from others by coming up with a real set of core values that’ll work toward team building and a collective effort toward meeting goals that’ll benefit not only the company, but everyone as a whole in the long run.